Homebound Bird Stop we help house owners stop birds and pests nesting in your roof. They enter your roofing area, under roof ridge tiles. The birds start nesting in your house. They gain access through the bottom of roof tile, these area’s needs to be blocked off.

Prevent Birds From Entering Your Roof

How to Prevent Birds From Entering Your Roof

Many buildings have something living underneath the roof tiles and all sorts of animal and bird nest under ridge tiles in Ireland.

These pest eat away at the roof and can cause anything from leaks to mental health problems in the residents.

Our plastic pigeon spikes will protect an area between 150mm and 215mm wide. Made from polycarbonate, they have a life expectancy of 10+ years.

These Plastic Pigeon Spikes are the solution for you. To ensure the products you choose are the most appropriate and are installed properly, we also offer a bird proofing installation service.

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