Exclusive Seller Listing Agreement Georgia Example

Section 5 is used to document where the property is listed. In other words, what multiple list service (s) the broker will raise to find a buyer. Brokers can use any type of support to list the property for sale, and by signing this agreement, the broker agrees to list the property within 48 hours on the MLS platforms listed in Section 5. In reality, most brokers ignore open offers in MLS because there is no guarantee that they will earn the commission. For this reason, open offers are not very frequent. To see another example, you may end up with custom comps of $140,000, $150,000 and $160,000. This is a fixed area not much higher or lower than the others, which is an indication that the property you are selling is likely to fall into that area. Here, however, the craftsmanship and skills of an experienced real estate agent are helpful. Where should your list price be lowered along the $140,000 to $160,000 range? This skill will be obtained over time and it is again a place where your broker can give some direction. Section 6 also contains provisions relating to existing legislation on contractual disputes, the uniform publication of fair housing, the recognition that time is essentially important with this agreement, and provisions that document how communications should be made between the parties and when those notices are considered “received”. A unilateral contract is a legally enforceable promise made by competent parties and obliging one party to provide the declared legal service for another party. A unilateral contract defines the conditions under which one person pays the other to fulfill a specified obligation.

Once the obligation is fulfilled, funds will be exchanged. In the case of real estate, this means that the listing broker who secures the buyer is paid, but no list broker is obliged to secure a buyer. The theme of the property is a traditional 10-year-old ranch house. The property has a garage of 2 cars, central heat and sits on a lot of 120`0 x 150`0 with a living area of 1,980 square meters. To get an estimated list price, we found three other properties that were sold in the last six months, which were also traditional ranches. Although none were identical, there were enough similarities to use them for comparison purposes. Before jumping into comparable features and adaptations made for each component, we take a minute to discuss how adaptations are made in relation to the property of the object. Although the original end date for the listing period was November 1, it is extended by 30 days, as the property was out of the market with the purchase and sale contract that was not working.

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