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Architects in Kerry

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Architects in Kerry

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Architects in Kerry

TMG Architecture, Planning, Engineering in Kerry
We work for both the domestic and commercial markets.

We Create Unique Design’s, Professionally in Kerry.
TMG Architectural Services the agents for your project in County Kerry. We manage the project from concept to completion.

We give all the considerations involved and allow you the time to consider how the various issues highlighted affect your particular project.

Project Evaluation

At the request of the customer TMG will carry out a project evaluation free of charge the project evaluation…
Define the customer objectives

It is important that the customer objectives are defined at early stage to ensure that their requirements are fulfilled. The customer should give consideration to how many housing units they wish to construct or if they wish to erect a family home only. Resale prospects should also be considered at this point. The above issues are important in that they will help TMG Architectural Services decide on the best way to process the project in terms of waste water management and planning considerations in Kerry.
Site inspection

The site inspection will establish the general suitability of the site for building purposes, the impact of neighbouring properties and examine the basic planning and environmental requirements needed to obtain planning permission. If the site meets the basic requirements TMG will generate an initial site sketch layout and forward it our environmental engineer who will carry out a preliminary site assessment .The P.S.A will establish if the site has reasonable chance of meeting the criteria needed to install an onsite waste water system.
House Design/Layout

TMG will take the customer through all essential steps in order to finalize a design that meets their requirements in terms of layout and best use of space.

The customer should consider future needs when defining their particular requirements. The Exterior design needs careful consideration as the planning authorities have particular guidelines that must be adhered to and TMG Architectural Services will advise the customer in this regard.
External Finishes

The choice of external finishes is important, particularly for planning purposes, depending on the location of the project. The materials chosen should be in keeping with the character of other buildings in area the issue of durability and maintenance should also be considered.
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TMG Architectural Services in Kerry

TMG Architectural Services Professional Architecture in Kerry
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TMG Architectural Services

TMG Architects Kerryarchitects in kerry
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Preparing a Preliminary Site layout

The following points must be considered when completing a site layout plan. 1 Before a percolation test is commenced, the proposed location and invert level of the percolation area should be established. 2 To achieve this, the levels for the proposed driveway and footpaths should be established. 3 The footpaths and manholes around …

Architectural Modelling

Architectural Modelling in Kerry 3D modelling from sketches or drawings in a two-dimensional flat format. TMG Architectural Design provide Architectural Modeling for any project these give a which gives a clear illustration of the proposed development to Clients. These are very useful as visual aid and a useful allow clients to view the finished Area. …

Architectural Services

TMG ARCHITECTURAL SERVICES LTD Meeting the customers A-Review the information pack B-Complete project evaluation. C-Review of Critical steps. D-Submit Quotation E-Complete Preliminary Site Assessment. F-Customer signs up. Submit Planning Application: A-Boundary and contour survey. B-Prepare site layout. C-Waste water design pack. D-Selecting house design. E-External finishes. Appoint building contractor: A-Review …


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