Delete folder from Server

Delete a file or folder from your Server with ftp Client with pictures.

It free’s up valuable server space and allows for further development of you website.

Open FileZilla and connect to your server using your ftp host address, ftp username and ftp password. Available from your hosting company.

Navigate to the file you want to delete on the server.

Delete a file from server using ftp

Scroll down and hover over the delete button until highlighted. Click OK to confirm the delete.


Hover over the file and click to delete

Now your file is no longer on the server.

If you do come across a specially difficult file and this process does not work. Check online for a solution or Call me 087 7547-098. Will need the following server address, username and a password.

I offer file or folder deletion services free of charge to selected businesses.

Usual Price €30 or you money back. No argument.

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